FBI Murder Statistics for Oregon

How much of a problem are "assault weapons" in Oregon?

Probably the best way to answer this is to take a look at the crime statistics gathered by the FBI. 2017 is the latest year for which full statistics are available. The table of interest isĀ here.

To save you having to look through the statistics for all states here are the important numbers for Oregon:

  • Total murders: 100
  • Total murders by firearm: 58
  • Total murders by handgun: 34
  • Total murders by rifle: 2
  • Total murders by shotgun: 2
  • Total murders by unknown type of firearm: 20

6% of murders used a rifle. They don't break down the type of rifle any further (mostly because that is meaningless), but its highly unlikely that these were all AR-15 or AK47 style rifles.

Continuing with the murder stats:

  • Total murders by knife/cutting implement: 17
  • Total murders by "other weapons": 22
  • Total murders by hands, fists, feet etc: 3

Seems that getting knives and other weapons "off the streets" might be more useful.